2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2017 Honda Pilot

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new vehicle, usually our old vehicle is on its last leg after we have done all we could to resuscitate it. Along with the excitement comes a hint of apprehension because of the large purchase we are about to commit to. Trying to alleviate our concerns, we research tirelessly until we find two terrific options that seemingly both suit our needs. Even after you have narrowed your choices down to the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2017 Honda Pilot, we still aren’t sure which vehicle to pull the trigger on. Thankfully, you have the internet and an endless stream of information is only a click away, so here is a comparison of the key similarities and differences between the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2017 Honda Pilot.

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2018 Volkswagen Atlas Versus 2017 Honda Pilot
2.0L Turbo Standard Engine 3.5L V6
235 Horsepower 280
258 LB-FT Torque 262 LB-FT
22 MPG City Fuel Efficiency 19 MPG City

The chart above depicts the key drivetrain features of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2017 Honda Pilot.

A Tale of Two SUVs

As you can see from the chart above the 2018 Atlas has a slightly smaller standard engine than the 2017 Pilot, which equates to a little less power but greater fuel efficiency. The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas offers a second engine option while the Pilot only offers the standard engine, the 2018 Atlas can be equipped with 3.6L V6 that delivers increased horsepower (276) and torque (266 lb-ft) while still averaging 25 MPG on the highway. Both the 2018 VW Atlas and the 2017 Honda Pilot have available All-Wheel Drive (AWD), but the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas’ AWD comes equipped with 4Motion® which adjusts to current road conditions (dry, rain, snow, rough) with the twist of a knob. The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas also comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry, so you can rest assured when purchasing the 2018 VW Atlas you are getting a quality vehicle. The Atlas comes with a 6-year/ 72,000-mile warranty that is transferable to the next owner when you have outgrown your 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. Don’t wait until your old car leaves you stranded on the side of the road and upgrade today to the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas.

Driver's cockpit of the 2018 VW Atlas
Side view of the 2018 VW Atlas' front and 2nd row seats
Side view of the 2017 Honda Pilot's rear seats
Rear cargo area of the 2017 Honda Pilot